rhea jayachandran



Mathematically, the line is defined as a straight, one- dimensional figure with negligible thickness, extending infinitely in both directions. With simple shapes drawn from Agnes Martin and a shifted lens towards mathematics similar to Sol Lewitt’s, I focus on the thought that the line is simply just a line. In the context of the whole, the line is essential to the entire piece. One line, while informing the others, cannot itself define the work. The lines in my drawings play with the implied and the remainder. The interplay of these ideas is an exploration of chance, where breaks in the lines come from a lack of ink and pressure on the pen or a slip of the hand, versus manifestation, which comes from an active removal of certain markings. A meditative development feeds directly into the precision of each line. In a similar manner of each individual line, each piece informs one another, either relating to or as a result of creating the one before.